CoreAthena Systems

CoreAthena is an alternative investment platform that uses data-driven, systematic trading strategies on liquid markets to generate returns for investors.   Our strategies are cross asset class (equities, currencies & commodities) with an emphasis on Indian equities, futures, and options.

Investment Objective

Our objective is to generate absolute return and market out-performance with lower volatility than the Benchmark Indian Index (NIFTY).  Our strategies have a low correlation with the S&P 500. 

Our Edge

Our team has over 40 years of collective experience in  sell side quantitative research,  fixed income research, distributed computing,  statistical techniques, data-driven modeling, portfolio risk at top technology firms, research labs, and financial institutions in the. U.S. and India. The founders have advanced degrees from MIT, CMU and IIT-Bombay.

We are focused on markets like the Indian market because it is in the right stage of development i.e. it is deep enough to build high capacity strategies, exhibits traits of high behavioral bias, and has few actively operating systematic quant funds.  Institutional investors in India are largely fundamental and long-only equity.     Trading depth in futures and option contracts for equity and non-equity markets is due to foreign hedgers, retail players and brokers themselves.  Thus our quantitative strategies operate in liquid markets with less competition and less data mining bias than developed markets like the US etc. 


CoreAthena Systems

Data-driven Algorithms for Financial Markets